Case 014: Belton, Texas

So my travels through Texas finally all culminated in the town of Belton. This is a small community of people who had one giant UFO encounter on the evening of February 1st. During a routine traffic stop, a police camera captured a bright white light heading on a collision course with the ground. However, this bright light was visible not only to people in Belton but as far away as Houston and even Stillwater, Oklahoma. Here is a video:

Now of course the videos of this object are rather misleading. They have slowed down the video to show viewers the object. In reality, the object was moving rather quickly and appeared to make contact with the ground. Here is another video:

And finally, scientists have been brought in to investigate this and have concluded that this must have been a meteor. Here is a video of that:

I found myself in the town of Belton some time after this event had occurred. Even though there were conflicting reports of what this object was, and most conclusions were pointing toward a meteor, I wanted to still go to Belton and learn for myself.

I went to a local planetarium that has been working on this report since it happened. To this day, they are still getting calls from people wanting to report the object. They have gotten hundreds of reports not just from the Belton area but from the surrounding areas as well. This object trekked across a large plain of space before it disappeared.

When I first saw the police video, my first impression was the lack of a tail. As a meteor enters the Earth’s atmosphere it begins to burn up and break apart. This leads to a streak, or tail, behind it. I have observed many meteor showers as a child and again I was surprised by a lack of tail on the police video camera. There is another camera that captures the object in the third video I provided and it too has a lack of tail. However, the people at the planetarium did say that this could be caused by the resolution of cameras being used, the angle of the object and cameras, and the lights from cars and building interfering with the small light emitted by a meteor tail.

The people at the planetarium were nice enough to let me take a look at some of the eye-witness testimonies. I was especially interested in the account of the police officer. The officer, whose camera captures the object, also does not remember seeing a tail to the object. Again, the lack of seeing the tail may have been caused by the fact that the headlights were on and they were reflecting off the back of the truck in front of the car. The officer does go on to say that the object was moving very fast as it headed for the ground. He expected to see some kind of explosion and waited a few seconds but saw nothing. The camera never picked up any trace of an explosion either. The scientists believe that the object never made it to the ground and just burned up. They are asking people to bring in any objects if they suspect they may have found the meteor but so far nothing has been turned in.

I was also able to look at contradictory reports of the object. People who saw the object in Oklahoma did report seeing a trail of light behind the object. This would confirm that it was a meteor. However, many reports from Belton and nearby areas contradict that and say there was no trail of light. Even the video footage does confirm a lack of this trail.

Other witnesses from that night have said that the object had to precise of movements to be just some natural object falling to the Earth. These people speculate that this object seemed to display a purpose as opposed to just being a random rock falling to Earth. They also claim that the lack of any physical evidence means they are right. Again, I have seen meteors in action and they do follow a straight line as they move diagonally down to Earth. Does that mean they have direction or purpose as opposed to being a rock falling to the Earth?

I had asked the scientists if they felt that this object was more of a fireball than a meteor. Fireballs are brighter than usual meteors. They appear brighter than the planets. I won’t get into all the technical scales for how brightness of objects are measured but the scientists I talked to were thinking this is possibly what was seen that night. However, classifying an object as a fireball is rather difficult to do and the scientists seemed to want more evidence before they did that. However, I have provided a clip of an object that has been deemed a fireball:

I can certainly see some similarities between this object and the one observed in Belton. Does that mean that what was witnessed in Belton was a fireball and not a UFO? The problem I have with the Belton footage is the fact that it has been tainted by the media. Now that opinions have been formed and video footage has been tampered, it has become difficult to form an actual opinion based on solid facts. The FAA has said that there were no planes in the sky that night and they are holding strong to this being a meteor. The scientists at the planetarium are coming closer to the conclusion that this was just a meteor with the evidence and eye-witness accounts they have collected. Then again, there are the hundreds of people who refuse to be convinced that this was anything more than what they believe. Some believe it was a meteor and others believe that it was a UFO. Someone posted to the last entry that perhaps what we see in the sky is more of what we are searching for with our hearts. The case in Belton has certainly proved to me that this statement is true. We want to believe what our hearts tell us. Perhaps that is not an exact science but for some of us it is all we have.

So as I finish up my trip through Texas, I am hopeful that the next place I go will yield more clues not only to the answers I seek but to the answers that we all search for on this planet and from other planets.


Case 013: Houston, Texas

Now my UFO travels have brought me to one of the biggest cities in Texas. Houston is quite the bustling place of people and things and sightings of UFOs. I arrived late in the evening, so I set up camp at a local RV park and set up my camera and camcorder in the hopes of catching something. After having my own encounter in December, I feel like I am more determined to find out just what is causing all of this. Of course I still hold firmly to my belief that most of these sightings can be easily explained away, but some of the things I have learned about from the witnesses in has left me feeling a little skeptical. I am starting to question some of the sightings I have investigated and I feel I am much more open-minded when I do investigate a new sighting. I suppose this journey has changed me in ways I could have never imagined. So now I had arrived in Houston and was eager to start my UFO investigation.

On the evening of January 29th, two witnesses reported seeing an object in the sky. The first witness saw the object around 6pm and the second witness saw the object around 7pm. So naturally, I visited with the first witness.

This witness, whom I will call “Bill” is newly retired from a manufacturing job. He lives near Stude Park and he was out on a walk with his dog when he saw the object. I met Bill in the afternoon in Stude Park and he walked me over to the location of where he had seen the object. At first, he said, he could have sworn that what he was looking at was a star. He said it was bright and didn’t move. However, there was something strange about this object that made him stop and stare at it. He seemed to think that it was to bright to be a star, or perhaps it just seemed in the wrong place. Then the object started to move. Bill watched the object head right toward him. As he watched it approach, he saw that it was moving very slow and seemed to be getting brighter. Then it started hovering again and that was when Bill could clearly make out the shape. He said the light he was seeing was actually being caused by 3 lights in a triangle formation. However, as the object began to move again, he noticed that the lights moved together, as if they were one solid mass and not individual. He said that judging by the distance of the lights he estimated the size of the craft to be 100 feet from stem to stern.

The lights hovered near the park for a few more minutes, or Bill thought was minutes, before a second light approached. It was when the next light approached that Bill realized this object was not making any noise. He realized this silence because the second light was making noise. It was clearly a helicopter. Bill said that as the helicopter started to approach the object, the object began moving again. Finally, the object went behind a tree and vanished from Bill’s sight. Bill said the helicopter stayed in the area during the rest of his walk, about 20 minutes, before the helicopter, and Bill left.

Bill did not describe any color associated with the light and he did not recall feeling any pain or being afraid. I asked him if I could meet him again and interview him again. He shrugged his shoulders and said that would be fine with him but he didn’t expect his story to change much.

I once again wandered around the area of Stude Park to look for any signs of something unusual. Since I am still unaccustomed to what I should be looking for, I don’t think I found anything of importance that afternoon. One thing that I did find, that I will just mention in passing, is a piece of wood that appeared to be scorched. I took it with me and have it for safe keeping in case I ever get the urge to have it checked out.

In the meantime, I went across town to an area of Houston called Pecan Park to meet with my next witness. This time I was meeting a married couple who have recently become empty nesters. “Rob” and “Amanda” live in this area of town, again near a park, and they were the ones who reported seeing the object around 7pm.

Amanda said she was the first one to see it as she was taking the garbage to the curb. She called out to Rob who joined her in the driveway and they both watched the object. They said there was absolute silence as the object approached them. Amanda said that what had caught her was that the object looked like a star. She said it was bright and white and it was only after she called to Rob that she realized the object was moving. She had just wanted Rob to tell her what star that was, but when they saw it moving they knew it was no star.

Rob said the object moved way too slow to be a plane. He also said that it seemed to him that the object was hovering and was not behaving like anything he had ever seen. As it approached, they both realized that the object was actually 3 bright lights and not one single light. They also saw that the lights seemed more connected together instead of just moving together. They did not believe that the lights were separate but instead part of a larger object. They could not tell how long or wide the object was, because it had gotten too dark, and they really weren’t sure on how far apart the lights were from each other. They both speculated that maybe it was 10 to 15 feet apart, but even that they seconded guessed.

Rob and Amanda took me outside and showed me where they had been standing when they saw it. Then they pointed out the direction the helicopter was coming. I was quite intrigued by this new development. Rob said that he felt that helicopter was actually chasing this thing because as soon as the helicopter appeared the object seemed to be moving faster. Then the object changed directions and sort of back tracked the way it had come. The helicopter, having apparently spotted the object, was in close pursuit. It wasn’t until the object had disappeared over some houses that Rob and Amanda lost sight of it. But it was a couple more seconds before they stopped hearing the helicopter.  Then Amanda mentioned to me that it seemed to her that the object had a trail behind it. She wasn’t totally sure what it was, but to her it looked like the object had a trail of smoke. She speculated that perhaps the object was in trouble and that was why the helicopter had followed. But they have never heard anything on the news about any plane or helicopter crash in the area. All has been quiet.

I tried to get Rob and Amanda to meet with me again about this but they refused. Their son was coming home from college the next day for a weekend visit and they wanted to put all of this bizarre light in the sky thing behind them. They thanked me for my time and interest in their story and we parted ways.

Now I was very interested in what Rob and Amanda had said. Not only had their story corroborated the story I had from Bill, but they also had something extra. I was hoping that the next day when I met with Bill, he too would say that he saw a trail of smoke.

Bill and I met around the same time the following day back at Stude Park. Bill was again walking his dog as he did everyday in the same park. When we got to the spot where he had seen the object, we stopped and he told me his story again. He said he felt rather silly about telling it to me again since he figured the tape recorder did the job. However, when I explained to him that I like to re-interview people in case they remember something from later, I had triggered something new in his memory. That was when he rubbed his face and said that there was something about that object that he had not mentioned. Now he said that he recalled seeing a trail of white smoke behind the object as it approached him and moved toward the trees. He looked at me and said out loud that perhaps the smoke was why the object was moving slowly. I shook my head and told him I had no idea.

Now I was very excited. Both witnesses were now claiming to see the same thing. I had asked both sets of witnesses to tell me if they knew each other and they all have never met. They used the same reporting website to list their UFO reports, but when I asked if they knew someone else had filed a report on the same website both said no. I have no reason to doubt these witnesses or believe that they were trying to deceive me.

I wanted to go back to my RV and go over all of my notes from the Houston sighting. However, after a quick check on the computer I saw that Houston was now going to have to wait. A new sighting had just emerged from Belton, Texas and this time there were many witnesses including police.

Case 012: Arlington, Texas

So after a day of traveling, I finally arrived in Arlington and it was another day after that before I could talk to my only witness for the Arlington sighting. There was actually two witnesses for this case, but I was only able to locate one. The one I was able to locate had given a more detailed report than the other witness, but I also made sure that through this investigation I kept the second report from the mystery witness with me so that I would have something else to help pull this all together. So my witness that I could talk to I will call “Chad” and he is a student at the University of Texas.

Now I know that some people would immediately try to discredit the testimony of a college student being a witness of a UFO sighting. After all, the drinking binge of any college student may subject them to seeing all kinds of lights in the sky and being convinced they were abducted. I know; I was there once. Not at this school, but any college looks the same after a night of heavy drinking.

Now the student that I was meeting is studying to get a masters degree in psychology. I suppose I could have asked him for a quick session to discuss my desire to chase around UFO sightings all over the country. But instead, I decided to let Chad do all the talking.

Chad and I met at the student union. We met outside so Chad could show me where he was on January 28th when he saw the light. Chad said he was on his way from class heading to the student union to get something for lunch. As he was walking, he heard a plane flying low over the campus and looked up to see the plane. That was when he saw the plane was sky writing a message. So Chad stopped to watch the plane write its message. Then something caught his eyes. He said that it was reflected by the sun and that was when he started watching the object.

Chad said that at first he thought the object was just a balloon. He said it moved slowly and seemed to be caught in the wind. However, as Chad watched, he began to suspect that the object was not behaving the same way as a balloon would act. Instead, the object stopped climbing up and instead seemed to be stuck in the smoke of the message. To Chad, it seemed that the object was playing in the smoke. He said it started moving and weaving in and out of the smoke and moving up and down as if it were enjoying playing in this smoke. That was when Chad realized that the object was actually moving against the wind. It was moving around in an up draft or with the wind like a balloon. It appeared to be displaying some kind of intelligence as it weaved in and out and moved all around the smoke.

I asked Chad to describe the object to me. He said it did appear to him to be the shape of a balloon. It was circular on the top and seemed to taper down toward the bottom. However, Chad reminded me several times, the object was shinning in the light of the sun. If it was in fact a latex balloon, how could it be shinning in sunlight. There are balloons that are made of foil, but these balloons are completely round and not tapered at all.

Then I asked Chad to describe the color. He said it was a yellow-gold color and again he mentioned that it shined in the sun. I had him pick out the color on the swatches I had and he picked out a golden-yellow color. I asked him if we could meet again tomorrow and I would try an experiment with him on that day. Chad agreed and he headed off to class while I headed to next location for the second sighting.

The second witness, who was never identified, saw a stationary object in the sky. This person also saw the object around noon and because a plane was writing a message in the sky, this witness also looked up to see the message. Instead of being fixated on the message, this witness saw at stationary object in the sky over the funnest place in Arlington.

The second witness was at Six Flags over Texas at the time of the sighting. The witness reported seeing a shinning copper-colored object stationary in the sky near the smoke. The object appeared to move slowly and weave in and out of the smoke. Unfortunately, this witness read the report that Chad had submitted and agreed that they had seen the exact same thing as Chad. Without having someone to talk to about this sighting, this was about all I could do for the second witness. However, I knew that I could run an experiment on this to see if both witnesses were actually correct.

The following day, I went to a local party supply store and purchased several balloons. I purchased 6 latex balloons. I purchased 3 gold and 3 copper-colored balloons. Then I also purchased two foil balloons.

I went back to the University of Texas and met with Chad. I had him repeat his testimony to me again about what he saw. Nothing had changed in his story and he did not recall anything more about what happened. So then I conducted the experiment.

Chad and I stood in the same spot where Chad had seen the object and I released the gold balloon. As the balloon drifted up, it began moving east. The wind continued pushing it toward the east until we finally could no longer see it. I released the copper-colored balloon and it did the same thing. Chad kept shaking his head as he watched these balloons drift up. He was convinced that he did not see a latex balloon that day. After seeing the behavior of both balloons, and seeing that neither balloon reflected the light of the sun, I was starting to agree with Chad. Then I released the foil balloon. It floated up the same way and in the same behavior as the first two. However, it did reflect the light of the sun. But it always remained silver in color and that was the only color that continued to be visible. Chad said it may have been possible that he saw a foil balloon, assuming it was completely golden in color, but he was still unsure. He said they way the balloons moved was just not right. They did not move like the object on January 28th. That object moved with a purpose and perhaps some level of intelligence.

I thanked Chad for all of his help and headed over to an area near the Six Flags theme park. I released the balloons there in the similar fashion I had done with Chad. I recorded the movements of the balloons with my video camera and I am keeping the footage for future reference. I suppose it is still more likely that what these witnesses saw was a balloon and that the movement of the plane and the smoke was just causing the balloon to be disturbed as it drifted. The plane could have been causing currents that made it appear the balloon was moving against the wind. However, without any footage of the object I can’t be entirely sure. I am not entirely convinced that the object was a balloon because I don’t like the idea that the object “displayed intelligence.” While that may just be something that the witnesses fabricated in their minds, it left me with just enough doubt to say this may have been a balloon or it may have been something more. At least I feel better about this whole investigation having been able to capture my own balloon footage. I have a feeling this will come in handy as I go further.

So after riding a couple of rides at Six Flags over Arlington, it was off to Houston, Texas for another double sighting of a UFO.

Case 011: Corpus Christi, Texas

Once I had finished my investigation in Harlingen, I headed north to Corpus Christi. On January 27, an eye-witness reported seeing a red-orange light in the sky over a walking trail at Hazel Bazemore park. This park lies toward the edges of the city limits of Corpus Christi and actually is the farthest point from the 4 airfields in this city. The park, and the trail, lies along a river and this created some wonderful photo opportunities.

Beauty aside, there was an investigation here that seemed eerily similar to the one in Harlingen. After two encounters with a red-orange object on a trail in Harlingen, a woman had now reported seeing a similar object on another trail in Corpus Christi. The eye-witness, “Carol” was not too keen on giving me an audio recorded account of what had happened. I can’t really blame her since there are some people out there that would take a story like this and turn it against the witness or make the witness appear crazy. I assured her I wasn’t one of those people, but lets face it she doesn’t know who I am and I am a virtual unknown in the field of UFO study so why would anyone believe that I am doing this for more that just trying to make myself and/or the eye witnesses appear crazy. So in the end, I had to take her statement with just an old-fashioned piece of paper and pen. I had asked her if I could interview her twice about this, like I had done with Dennis, but she said she did not want to drag this out and just wanted to get this all over with.

Now Carol lives and works in the area. She is a stable person with a lovely family, so again I didn’t suspect any kind of deception. This always seems to be an important addition to any witness testimony. There should be an establishment of  the witness to see if they are trying to deceive for their various reasons. Carol was not that type of person and in fact she was rather skeptical of what she had seen.

Carol met me on the trail in the same location that she had seen the object. She said that it was close to dusk, around 5pm on the evening that she saw it, January 27. She said that it hovered over the trail and was completely silent. She said it was a round object that looked similar to a “fireball” of red and orange. I had her pick out a swatch from my color wheel and she identify the next darker color from the one Dennis had identified. So it seemed that both witnesses, in two communities 2 hours apart, were seeing roughly the same thing. However, Carol did not recall the light hurting her eyes and she said that the light just moved straight up before it disappeared. It did not move side to side or any other direction like the object Dennis saw.

Carol could not recall how high she estimated the object was when it was hovering. Nor could she recall how long it took for the object to move up and disappear. She was quite embarrassed by the fact that she did not have many facts. She was apologetic that she could not remember anything more about this object. Of course, that was when things began to improve for the investigation.

Another woman with a dog came running by us and must have overheard the conversation because she stopped and came over to us. She wanted to be identified as “Amy” and said she saw the same object on the trail on the same evening as Carol. However, Amy went on to say that she saw it again the day before and the day after both her and Carol saw it. On the same day both women saw it, Amy backed up everything Carol said. Amy said it was a bright red-orange circular object that hovered in the sky and then moved up in a straight line. However, on the first day Amy saw it she said the object was moving slowly from west to east along the trail. Amy said it felt like several minutes had passed the first day she saw it. Then she said it again moved up straight up in the air and disappeared. On the night after both women saw it, Amy said the object was again in the same location and again was just hovering. However, Amy could not say how the object was there before it disappeared because she said there was a loud bang from a nearby car starting and she looked in the direction of the noise. When she looked back at the direction of the object, it was gone. Amy said she had not seen the object since but she was coming back to the trail every night to jog with her dog and perhaps catch another glimpse of it. Neither woman displayed any fear or disdain for the object and seemed to be more interested in what it could be. I had Amy pick out a color from the color swatch and she picked out the same color as Dennis.

I thanked both women for their time and valuable input. Once they had left, I walked around the area of the trail where this light has now been reported to have been seen three times. While there had been no recent sightings, I was hoping that perhaps there might be some physical evidence on the ground in the area. I was not quite sure what I was looking for, but I have purchased some Ziploc bags to collect samples of dirt and leaves and other things that may appear to have been disturbed. My hope is to find a lab somewhere that will do tests on the samples I have collected.

So I walked around the area and moved around some leaves and dirt and tried to find anything that looked out of the ordinary. I didn’t see anything that looked out-of-place. There were no physical signs that any UFO had been in the area. Although I must say, I do find all three accounts quite interesting. There does seem to be something enjoying the nature trails in Texas and I couldn’t help but indulge in the fantasy that I might be hot on its trail. So now it was off to Arlington where two more witnesses saw something in the sky around noon the day after both Carol and Amy spotted their red-orange object.

Case 010: Harlingen, Texas

Boy it is true what they say. Everything is bigger in Texas, and so are the reports of UFO sightings. So far this year, Texas has had almost 200 reports. Not quite as much as California, but certainly enough to keep me moving. There were several locations I had to visit in Texas and a new one that sprang up during my investigation. There seems to be something in the sky over Texas.

My journey started 19 hours from Florida. I arrived in Harlingen a little over 2 weeks ago and I immediately set out to do some work. A young man, along with several other witnesses, had spotted a red light hovering above a walking trail around dusk on January 25th. The orignal report said that the light moved in all directions, slow at first and then fast before it disappeared. The young man went on to say that he was driving down the road near the trail the following day and saw the light again and saw it do the same thing again. So my first step was to locate the main witness.

I will call him “Dennis” and he is about 30 working at a local business in Harlingen. This was the first time he had ever seen anything strange in the sky. I interviewed him, and taped the interview. In his first interview, “Dennis” described the light as “flaming red”. He said that the other people on the trail had caught his attention first because they were just standing on the trail looking up. When he looked up with them, he saw the light. He said the light was an estimated 20 feet above them and was just hovering for a long time, or what Dennis thought was a long time. It seemed like when the light was moving, that happened in a shorter amount of time than when it was hovering. But he could not be totally sure since he didn’t actually time the event. Once the event had stopped, Dennis said he and the other hikers started saying things to each other like, “That was amazing.” and “Did you see that?” but he doesn’t remember if anything changed in the appearance of the sun. I had asked him this question to rule out the phenomenon of missing time experienced by some people who have extremely close encounters.

After we had our first interview, I asked Dennis to meet me the following day at the nature trail. While I wanted to record his version of events as quickly as possible, I also wanted to re-record his version of events to make sure both accounts were accurate.

Dennis and I met the following afternoon at the nature trail he was on the day he saw the UFO. I had brought my tape recorder again, along with my tape measure, camera, and a color wheel. I recorded Dennis again as we walked along the trail and he began re-telling me the events that had happened that day. Again, he said it was the other hikers that made him stop and look up. Once he was looking up he saw the object again. However this time, along with describing it as “flaming red”, Dennis went on to mention that it actually hurt his eyes to look directly at the object. Almost as if he was looking at a red sun. I had asked him if he was afraid, and this time he re-called that when the light started to move he heard the other hikers gasp. He recalled actually taking a few steps back and feeling his heart beat faster. In the end, he now concluded that he must have been afraid because he was actually trying to move away from the light.

It took him a while after that to answer more questions. I felt that I must have stirred something inside him and I felt bad that I had done it. When he started talking again, I asked him if he could recall if the shadows on the ground had gotten longer as if a lot of time had passed while he watched this thing. He shook his head and again said that he could not recall that. He had no idea how long the duration of event was that day, but he did pick out a red-orange color on my color wheel.  We didn’t see anything paranormal on the trail, so after snapping a couple of pictures I had Dennis take me to the street where he saw the light again on the following day.

Out on the street, Dennis showed me where he had pulled over the following day to see the light again. He said this time he was coming home from work and pulled over the second he saw the red light again. He saw it once again hovering over the trail area and so he pulled over hoping that he could get a picture of it with his phone. Unfortunately, by the time he had pulled over, got out and got his phone out, the light had vanished. But he said other people were stopped along the road, out of their cars, and pointing in the exact same spot. It certainly was the same spot that Dennis had seen this light 2 times. Dennis said he actually has gone back every single day since to see if he could catch a glimpse of it and so far he has seen no sign of it.

I thanked Dennis again for all of his time and for allowing me to record his story. He laughed and said as long as his face and story weren’t printed in The Inquirer he was happy to share it. Once we had parted ways, I went back down the trail and collected more photos. I had also used my tape measure to measure how far Dennis thought he was from the object and then estimated how high up the object may have been. I figured that from Dennis’ vantage point, the object may have actually been between 45 and 50 feet in the air. This would make more sense seeing as how the object on the second day was witnessed above trees.

As a last part of my investigation, I walked down the trail talking to the people I passed asking anyone if they had seen anything. Most people just smiled and ignored me and some thought it was strange, or I was. But I could not find anymore witnesses to this event. I thought that was a little odd considering the trail seemed like one that people would take their dogs on after they returned home from work. However, on the day I was there, I could not find another person who saw the object and could corroborate the account from Dennis. At this point, Dennis is my only witness to this particular case. Not that I don’t think he is a bad witness, but it is always nice to have more than one.

In the end, I could not find anything that had been disturbed on the trail and no signs that anything had been there. I only had one witness account and some great photos. Now before I got discouraged, I did remind myself that Corpus Christi was only 2 hours away and the day after Dennis saw the object for a second time, there was a similar sighting in Corpus Christi. It is possible that what I am after in Texas has now moved on.

Case 009: My Own UFO Experience

Well the holidays have come and gone and so too has my lovely time in Florida come to an end. I decided to hide out in Florida for November and December and miss the snow and cold that some other folks were enduring. Although, this winter has been really mild so I guess it is safe to assume that everyone is missing the cold and snow of winter.

Anyway, I have been traveling around Florida, working on my tan, and hopefully perfecting my technique of searching for UFO sightings that are truly valuable sightings. This of course has not been easy. I have traveled this state in this search only to really find a bunch of sightings that even I can explain away without doing much of an investigation. I am always as objective as I can be, but there just hadn’t been too much to find.

On December 16, 2011 I had my first UFO sighting. Now while some people are filled with the excitement and prospect of what it could be they are seeing, I am left wondering if I saw a plane or a satellite. I don’t believe for a second I saw any aliens making contact, but then again that is just me.  I was staying at this lovely RV park near Green Cove Springs the night I saw these lights. I was actually in the RV heading back outside from a bathroom break when a flashing light caught my eye. I rushed to the window and saw 5 lights. Four were stationary and all side by side, while the fifth one was about 20 to 30 feet from the other lights. This one had caught my eye as it grew brighter in intensity and eventually grew dimmer until it had disappeared. As soon as this light had disappeared, the other lights began moving in a south-west direction. These lights were about 50 feet higher than the two-story apartment building they were hovering over. The lights were a pale red color and they moved slowly without any noise. Unfortunately, yours truly was so glued to the window that it wasn’t until the lights had twinkled out, and yes they did just vanish, that I realized that I did not have my camera with me and thus I have no way to show this event to anyone else. At this point, that is fine with me because I am still not convinced that I saw anything paranormal. I am still trying to figure out what I saw and I keep re-playing the images of the lights in my mind. If this is what all UFO witnesses go through, then I must remind myself to be a little more sensitive to their stories. Seeing something that I can’t explain has left me grasping for answers and it is possible that in this state a person is open to any suggestion of what they saw. I must keep a clear mind regarding my own experience or suffer the consequences of being called a hack.

Speaking of hacks, there is a disgusting video footage that has been making the rounds. Supposedly it shows a real UFO shot by a professional photographer. Yeah right! I have seen this footage and I know that no professional would have taken it. It is grainy and the zooms are all wrong. The most disturbing thing about this video is the fact that the person knew where to move the camera. As though they knew what direction the UFO was moving. Suggesting to me, and pretty much anyone else that has seen it, that the person shooting this actually created the phenomenon they are shooting. So in my opinion this is a hoax and I refuse to attach it to this blog. But I am sure you can easily find it if you are interested in seeing a load of garbage about UFOs.

So instead of showing that, how about a photo of the RV park I stayed in as I started an interesting case 2 weeks ago.

My first interesting UFO sighting took place in Middleburg, FL on January 16th. There, a young lady recorded an image of a triangle-shaped object in the sky. You can tell the object is solid and a triangle by the footage she let me copy. Three orange lights make up the triangle and they move together in a manner that suggested to me that this was one solid object. See what you think.

I rather enjoyed conducting this particular investigation because the witness was genuinely confused by what she had seen. She was not a UFO enthusiast and therefore was not looking to find a UFO when she recorded this video. She was terribly confused and I think a little frightened of this experience. I do hate the fact that many people seemed scared of their encounters and yet there are so many more people out there that think these people are just making it up. I am sure there are liars out there, but after meeting this woman I know she is not one of them. Her fear and confusion were much to genuine to be fake. It is the same fear and confusion I have seen dozens of times in all the witnesses I have interviewed. However, aside from a troubling and unexplainable video recording of this event, there was nothing more out of the ordinary in Middleburg. But Florida was just heating up.

I learned of 2 UFO sightings that took place on January 19th. The first witnesses saw the UFO at 7:30 pm in Lake Wales. A man, who just happened to be a police officer, was off duty and heading home when he saw an orange disk shape object heading south of Lake Wales. He said the object made no noise and traveled slowly. In fact the word he used to describe it was the object was traveling “deliberately” slow. He observed the craft for a few more minutes before it became dimmer and dimmer and finally disappeared. I learned from my interview with this man that he is somewhat of an amateur UFO investigator and had said he had witnessed a similar looking object several times near or over Lake Wales. He said that it always moved slowly and always moved south. He wasn’t sure why this was, but it certainly kept him looking up at the skies.

What I found interesting about this case was that at 9pm, on the same night, another witness saw the exact same thing in Deerfield Beach. Deerfield Beach just happens to be south of Lake Wales. It also happens to be a three-hour drive from Lake Wales and yet this sighting took place 1 hour and 30 minutes later. This man saw what he called a yellow-orange glowing object moving slowly in the sky. This object was also described as being disk like although the witness does feel that it was more circular than disk like. This witness felt that what he had seen was actually perfectly rounded and not so much flat like a disk. The color he saw was a little different shade than the witness in Lake Wales. However, the object was moving to the south just like the Lake Wales witness described as well. Is it possible that these witnesses saw the same object? That is what I am continuing to explore.

Working with eye-witness testimonies only can be rather difficult. Two people can see the exact same thing and have two very different descriptions of what they saw. It is amazing how our brains perceive things differently from one another. So with all this jumble of witnesses, it is always good to try to find some physical evidence. Unfortunately, during all my investigating I was not able to find anything physical that could be analyzed. All I have is one video and plenty of interviews. I am feeling like I am getting better at asking the questions and finding out the things I need to know to make a conclusion about what a witness claims to have seen. Unfortunately, I just haven’t been finding too much out there that could be more than just natural phenomenon or man-made aircraft.

I would never say that Florida was a bust. I have a great tan and I have had time to rest and learn what I need to do to make every UFO sighting I investigate count. Thankfully, I left Florida before that terrible morning accident. I am now on my way to Texas where there have been more sightings in that state in the last three days then I have investigated in Florida. I think it is true what they say, everything is bigger in Texas.

Case 008: Lees Summit, MO

So again it has been a while since my last post. I promise not to make a habit of this. However, there have been some interesting developments since I last posted and these developments have kept me rather busy.

First of all, I headed out to Lees Summit, MO because there had been a UFO sighting reported by at least 2 eye witnesses. This site was also being visited by numerous UFO investigators or ufologists as they like to be called. I went because these two reasons suggested to me that there was something to find in Lees Summit. Was I ever right!

No, the aliens have not landed. And no, I did not get a free medical examination much to my own disappointment. What I found was something even better than aliens and UFOs. I learned about the ways in which the pros actually investigate a UFO sighting. This information is so much more valuable to me than any alien ever could be. Well that may not be entirely true, but this trip to Missouri was indeed eye-opening.

When I arrived, I tried to locate the general area of the UFO by just driving around. In doing this, I saw three men standing in a park measuring the distances from each other and estimating the height of one of the trees. When I approached them and tried to over hear what they were doing, they pointed out to me that they were conducting a UFO investigation and thus our friendship was born. The man who I spent most of the time learning from I will call Ray. Ray is a UFO investigator in the Kansas City area. If something happens in his area, he will be there to investigate it.

So the first thing I learned was what they were doing in the park. Apparently Ray had already talked to two of the 4 witnesses to the event and determined from the first 2 that the park he was standing in was directly below the object in the sky. So, like any good UFO investigator, he was there collecting and measuring. He told to treat every new UFO investigation as though I was investigating a crime scene. Don’t disturb anything until lots of pictures are taken and don’t wait to long to get out there and do the investigation. The longer you wait, the more likely the area will be trampled and any hope in finding anything to prove this wasn’t naturally occurring will be lost.  So Ray and his two colleagues were there to photograph the area of the park and to collect samples of anything that looked out-of-place. For example, discoloration to the soil, trees, grass, leaves or any residue that may have been left behind. He said to take lots of pictures of any disruptions or indentations to the ground that do not look like animal tracks. Just take lots of pictures and be ready to collect anything that looks out of the ordinary.

Ray and his colleagues were also taking measurements. The 2 witnesses they had already interviewed had said that this park was below the object. The witnesses then pointed out the direction the object was moving and used a nearby building and a true as reference points for the object in question. So Ray and his colleagues were measuring the distances to see how high up the object may have been and how fast it may have been going.

I studied them carefully as they went through this. I had never thought of studying UFOs like it was a science. It seemed to me that all anyone would need is a camera and a camcorder and a lot of patients. Ray laughed at me when I told him this because he said that a photograph proves nothing. While I agree with him that 99% of all UFO photos I have ever seen have clearly been false, there are some I have seen that I have not been so quick to dismiss and never will dismiss. Unfortunately, I wish I had known how to scientifically investigate a UFO before I got these photos and investigated those cases.

About 2 hours later, Ray and his team had collected over 200 photos and some soil samples that they ship out to a lab. Ray said that it is always important to send out any samples that are collected instead of trying to analyze them yourself. Having people who work at labs for a living conduct tests on your samples is a much better approach to scientifically proving UFOs then doing the testing yourself. Ray also mentioned that in this business it is good to either be credible or at least be a no body. He said labs and witnesses are more likely to work with you and talk to you if they know you are truly here for the science and not to make money off of some case. Credibility will get you far in the world of UFO investigations.

As they were packing up and preparing to leave the park, Ray invited me to come along on a witness interview so I could see how it should be done. I have to admit, I was really happy that Ray was just taking me under his wing and trying to help me do this right. Now, though, I think he was doing that because he probably knows a lot more people in this business who do everything wrong and lose their credibility.

Before we went to meet the witness, Ray and his team went back to his house where he had converted his basement into his UFO office. He had pictures covering the walls of photos of supposed UFOs, drawings of supposed aliens, and a map of the stars, planets, and comets. Ray told me that I should definitely invest in a similar map to help study when a planet or a comet may actually be the cause of a UFO sighting. According to most investigators, Mar and Venus are always the most likely suspects whenever there is a UFO sighting. However, Ray did give me copies of photos he had collected from witnesses that thought they saw a UFO but instead saw a planet, car lights, air planes, balloons, insects, satellites, clouds, and surprisingly, the Moon. He said all these objects, and many more, get confused as being UFOs so he felt it was good to always have a photo on hand of what someone thought was a UFO and was instead theMoon. This way, if I encounter a photo or a witness with a photo, I can compare that photo to the ones I know are not UFOs.

Before we went to meet the witness, Ray also prepared me for how to conduct a proper interview of a witness. He said the first thing I needed was a recorder, tape or otherwise, to record everything the witness said. He said that it is good to have the witness repeat the story and repeat parts of the story several times over a period of time to make sure the story hasn’t changed. He said that if a witness can keep the same story without wavering on the details, especially the minor ones, that leads to more credibility of the witness. You can tell who is lying if their story changes every time they are interviewed. That is why recording what they say and have them repeat it leads to their credibility. Ray said that it is also important to make the witness give distances and reference points for the object that they saw. This way, an investigator can go back and try to re-create what the witness may have seen and figure out things like distance and speed. He also said that the witness should make drawings of what they saw. Pictures are okay, but if a witness can draw the object, and draw it the same several times, again that leads more toward a credible witness. He also said to take the witness back to the site, or where they viewed the object, to aid in the re-construction and the measuring. Ray also said that it is important to have a detailed color wheel for the witness to pick out the exact color of the object. He suggested a Pantone color swatch collection.

Finally, we went to the witness. First, Ray and I interviewed the witness. This witness was a woman in her early 30’s. I will not try to give her a name because this was another thing Ray said not to do. He said the most important thing a UFO investigator should always do is protect the identity of the witness. The media loves to hang on to stories about UFOs but in the end the people who see them come off as being ignorant fools instead of just regular down to Earth people. So for this investigation, I won’t even make up the names.

This woman was at her home when she saw the object. She said she went out to her back porch and snapped a couple of photos that she still had on her phone. She described that the object was above the trees and was moving south, away from her. She picked out a color from the swatch, some turquoise color with a snappy name, and she drew a picture of what she recalled the object looked like. All of this was recorded by Ray and I took some notes as well. When Ray was done interviewing her, a colleague of his was left alone with the woman to do another interview. Ray said that they would contact the woman again in a few days and conduct another interview.

Meanwhile, Ray and I did our measurements. Ray estimated the trees to be at about 100 feet and he measured that the trees were about 10 feet away from where the woman said she was standing. He was then able to roughly estimate how high the UFO was in relation to her and the trees and, given her statement, determined that she watched the event for about 5 minutes which he estimated meant the object was moving rather slowly. He figured that she observed the object moving at anywhere from 10 to 20mph. However, that was just her perception of it and it is still possible that the object was moving faster than that.

When the interviews were done, we all went our separate ways for the evening. I stuck around in Lees Summit for sometime learning from Ray through this UFO investigation. Even though I immediately jumped to my own conclusions about this particular case, Ray and his team meticulously went through every piece of evidence they had. They gathered all of their interviews and some of these interviews were very long and they had conducted 3 to 4 depending on the witness. They gathered all of their evidence relating to all the measurements and calculations they had done. They had called the local police department to see if anyone else had reported the object. Ray said that having a good relationship with the police, local schools, observatories (if any), labs, and even the military will be key in any UFO investigation. They also collected the pictures some of the witnesses took and all of the drawings and the color swatches.

Their conclusion: All of the witnesses observed an object that was blue in color. The witnesses never agreed on what shade, unfortunately. Some saw a lighter and some saw a darker. The shape was always the same from drawing to drawing which is great. They all saw something that seemed flat and disk like. The photos that some of them took were of too poor quality to see the object clearly. And in one photo it seems that the witness took a picture of a plane and missed the object. In the end, it was concluded that what the witnesses say was either a satellite or a planet. When Ray called an amateur astronomer friend of his, the friend confirmed that it would have been possible for the witnesses to observe a planet on the night in question.

So in the end, Lees Summit was nothing special. There were aliens visiting here. However, I learned quite the lesson in proper UFO investigation. I actually feel really embarrassed now for having started my journey, and this blog, with the idea that if I just captured something on camera or camcorder then I could prove that I captured the image of a real UFO. This has been a real slap in the face as I have learned that UFO investigations should be treated like a crime scene and a science. Sure, the idea of studying something that is supposedly paranormal will make most people think there is no way to scientifically study it. But after having seen Ray and his team in action I am convinced that it is possible to get even harder evidence of UFOs than just a grainy photo. I just have to work for it.

So now I am off to Youngstown, PA. Nope there hasn’t been a recent UFO sighting. There is a UFO convention this Saturday at the Westmoreland Community College that I intend to crash. No, not literally crash. But I don’t have a ticket and I don’t plan on getting in. These conferences are a hot bed for these people to come out and bring their best evidence that they saw a UFO. They come with their pictures hoping to one up their friends and others that they saw a real UFO. I like to burst their little bubbles. I hang out in the parking lot, or sometimes down the street cause I get chased away, and for $5 I tell them if their photo is real or not. Most of these people didn’t even take these photos. They bought them for $50 off of some guy living in his mom’s basement selling fake UFO photos to the hopeless believers. I have been performing this service now for two years at numerous conventions. It is a great way to make money and lots of enemies. But now that I know more rules of the game, perhaps this time someone will surprise me. Then again… maybe not.